I would like to tell you our experience which has been a bit of a rollercoaster. my son was diagnosed with ASD quite late compared to a lot of little boys so he has never really had much SEND support. my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just before his 3rd birthday, he requires multiply injections a day. He also has to monitor his glucose levels as low levels or prolonged high levels can be dangerous if not treated. 

We have had multiple issues with schools. 1st bacton primary was the 1st school to NOT follow the IHCP that was written for my sons care. when I called multiple times about the issue I was told by the head teacher and a receptionist "j#$£% would have to look after his own diabetes because when he gets to high they wont do it". my son was year 5 and still had over a year of primary school. this issue was sorted after I called the high school and a member of the diabetes team to see if that was really the case. shortly after we moved to stowupland where he changed to freeman primary school. he started year 6 and the pandemic hit. His year group was 1 that went back for the last few months, I originally keep him home for 2 weeks but once I saw all the mums saying home wonderful it was for their children finishing the year together, I called the school to see if my son could go back. the reply was not one I was expecting. The head teacher spoke to me in a incredibly offensive tone, and if said "j@#£% cant go walking to the front office willy nilly to check his sugars". I was heartbroken and wrote him an email, expressing how I dont think he realised how he spoke to me and that I was offended that he could speak about my child that way, who has the ability to learn like the other children. neither primary school ever put any SEND support in for my son.  I believe this is because he is a introvert, he isnt load or abusive. my son didn't finish primary school with the other children and in total had 6 months off school before starting stowupland high school. 

I was devastated to find out the process leader for stowupland high school was the head teacher from bacton primary school, who had already let my son down. in March I found out the high school hadn't put the necessary steps and procedures in place at lunch, and he was missing class time because he was eating lunch putting him at a disadvantage to the other children. my son has to carb count his meals and the schools menu wasnt the same as the one I'd use to calculate the carbs. Because of my sons ASD he doesn't know when he is low or high and like most ASD children he doesnt have much of a concept of time. Because of his diabetes he has to have a IHCP. my partner and I wrote a email of complaint to the headteacher about our concerns on the 23rd march with our problem and solutions. This email was like poking a bee hive with a stick. it all went a little crazy. the school nurse was asked to write out a new care plan for Jacob's care. while this was going through I asked for the original care plan that I signed before he started in September. after 5 weeks of calling the school and having to add checks that had been removed from the old care plan. I still hadn't recieved a copy of the original care plan. I was told by the school nurse that the care plan I had asked for was in the office. when I picked it up it was some form they'd filled in that day. the school nurse started in December and her name was on the form? this was the last straw and we asked for a meeting. the meeting was on the 29th april, myself, my partner, my sons form tutor, school nurse and Mr A attended.

 Mr A was disrespectful, abrupt and quite intimidating. He told us "I have a copy of the original care plan but we don't have your signature, but that's our fault because we should of been calling you daily for it"? He also told myself and my partner who had taken unpaid time of work to attend the meeting "that we should be grateful that DR J had attended the meeting, because she had a free period and doesn't get many of those". After the meeting Mr A sent us a unbelievably manipulated letter which made the meeting out to be a lot more positive then it was. since that meeting and agreeing on the new care plan. they have broken the care plan numerous times. my son was not checked by a member of staff before leaving school on Thursday 27th May. my son did check himself and was 2.9, which is hypoglycaemia. He ate a bag of sweet and walked home in hyperglycaemic shock. the dangers of this 1 mistake could of cost my son his life! If he had passed out or fainted he could gone into a coma or even worse he could of die. after the meeting and constantly feeling worried and scared, I don't think my son will go back to stow upland high school til they can prove they can keep to the care plan. 

thank you for your time and for listening