Please can I put our story forward our son Freddie has Austism, Dyslexia, Tinitus and extreme anxiety. He left Eyke and went to Saxmundham. Very quickly it went badly he suffered extreme level bullying and ended up with a broken arm after being pushed hard from behind and falling to the floor. 

The school did not want to know as he only told us when he got home as he was so scared. A few weeks after that collected him from school and he had a blooded nose and his entire blaze back was covered in spit. My husband and I removed him there and then as Saxmundham could not or did not understand Freddie. Freddie is a very loving and gentle boy and is the oldest of four children a truly amazing big brother. The experience at Saxmundham left him broken mentally and it took us a long time to get our Alfie back. Freddie has now been out of school for two and a half years. 

His one to one home tutor says he is one of the most keen students she has ever taught. He really, really wants to learn he wants to be a film director. We have been fighting and fighting with SCC to the point we are going to our first tribunal. 

The council have totally ignored us throughout this, they have lied and been damn underhanded. They have totally ignored the requirements of his EHCP and are proposing to put him in an unbuilt unit in totally the wrong setting under his EHCP. Freddie is 14 at the end of the month and we feel the council have totally destroyed his future and it is criminal dereliction of duty by SCC... He has been offered a place at a specialist school but the council have not even acknowledged this as an option. From our point of view it seems the council are in complete denial about ASD or other special needs. Just over the border in Essex they are taking this issue seriously. Suffolk are failing gifted children and we need to get this out there. Someone at SCC is actively choosing to ruin children’s life chances and some very serious questions need asking...