Dear Council,

I am writing to you because someone needs to start thinking about the actual children and how it has an affect on them. We'll this is me and how I feel.

I have been out of school for nearly two years and it is giving me a lot of anxiety. I feel forgotten and like I don't belong anywhere. I can't made friends or learn like other my age.

Quite frankly you have let me down the way children are being treated with special needs like myself is horrible.

I am not being given equal opportunities and no one is listening to me. My voice is lost and my needs are being ignored.

In two years I will be out of school as I am almost 14 years old. This is affecting my whole future.

I am desperate to be somewhere I can feel safe and can learn at my own pace with support from teachers who understand. I want to be able to do the things I love also at school. Singing, cooking, meeting friends, football and tennis.

I struggle with the academic side of things but I should still be given the opportunities to learn on other ways.

I feel sad every day when I think about this.

Yours sincerely B