SPCN Handover

Suffolk Parent Carer Network folded on 18th June 2021. Their handover letter to Suffolk County Council, detailing outstanding issues, can be downloaded here.

Suffolk EHCP Quality

Suffolk County Council claim to be improving the quality of their EHCPs, but what do independent experts and the Tribunal think?

Requesting an Educational Health 
Care Needs Assessment in Suffolk

According to data just published by The Department for Education, Suffolk County Council refused 36% of EHC needs assessment requests in reporting year 2021, placing them in the worst 9% of the country.

Special School Placements 2021

The Council are once again failing to provide the specialists placements so desperately needed by Suffolk children. Despite the long-standing  promises of "800 new places", the speed of delivery is clearly woefully inadequate.

Predictably, COVID-19 and "demand" (a disingenuous interpretation of need) both feature in the list of excuses.

Judicial Review

A fast and effective remedy when a Local Authority persists in unlawful activity.

Off-Rolling: Suffolk’s hidden pandemic 

Off-rolling is a practice used by schools to remove a child from the school roll. This could be by encouraging or forcing families to remove their child from the school or by informally excluding the child (told to go or stay at home with no exclusion paperwork given).  The removal is never in the child’s best interests, only the schools’.

LGSCO Decisions

Usually, Suffolk County Council will spend more time and effort on convoluted and evasive responses to customers' complaints than actually dealing with the issues. If you are not happy, the LGSCO is the next step.