Attic@TheLanding 25th May 2021

A few months ago we were informed that this site was closing and new provisions would be offered for the children.

Obviously a massive change like this will be challenging for SEND  children, we were assured by the school that a lengthy transition process would happen between schools and we would be given as much support as possible.

Yesterday at school collection 2:30, we were given another letter. It states that due to staffing issues all children will be put on a part time timetable after the half term. Some have been reduced from five days a week to two days a week: being reduced by more than 50%.

Frankly this isn’t acceptable or nearly good enough. Our children, due to their conditions, need time to adjust to change and to be given such short notice is a massive failing of the school. They were aware of the impending situation when staff handed in their notice. Obviously with Covid all children have been through so much this year and to get back to some normality only to have it taken away again is heart-breaking.

The questions I would like answers to are:

  • How do the school intend to ensure EHCP provision is  made?
    How are they going to ensure personal and educational progress ? 
    As the school know change is challenging for children with ASD how do they expect this flexi timetable to be successful ?
    How is a suitable transition to the new school going to be achieved?
    What about the parents who work how are they going to manage?
    What about children who are involved with social services and it may be a safeguarding issue for them to be at home more ?

I really hope you can help with these issues or be able to point us as parents in the right direction of someone who can. Our children are vulnerable members of society who seem to treated the worst by the educational system and it simple needs to stop. They are entitled to an education that we as parents should not need to constantly fight for!